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About me


A. Dudley Johnson, Jr.

I was born and raised in Fairfield, CT. I was always a writer. From creative writing in school to overlong letters (back when we wrote letters, put a stamp on them, and mailed them!) At 15, my Dad was transferred to London, England for his job. So here was a kid from a small town now living in the big city. I rode the double-decker buses to school and took the Tube everywhere. Ah, freedom! A great time in life. For some reason, my writing in school turned to murder mysteries. Who knows what the heck was going on in my head then? But I was really happy there.

I went to Windham College in Putney, VT for 2 years (no longer there), then to Emerson College in Boston where I graduated with a BS in Communication. I knew I loved to write and I loved TV. I always watched the credits at the end of shows and all I wanted was my name on the screen with those people. So I moved to Hollywood. 

I was lucky enough to get a job as a runner for Norman Lear, who had 9 shows on the air at the time. I couldn't believe it! My first day there I met Bea Arthur, Jean Stapleton, and Dick Van Dyke! I was in showbiz! I moved on to be the receptionist for All In The Family and Diff'rent Strokes. In a few years, I began writing for Diff'rent Strokes. I got my name on TV! I was there until the show was over. I then went to Webster and wrote and produced that for 3 years. I've also produced computer and video games for Disney, as well as DVDs for them.

After Webster was done, I started writing my first novel, Adirondack. That got interrupted by other jobs but I picked it up again in 2017 and finished it. I am very proud of that book. 

I've now finished the sequel to it, Louisburg Square, and I'm working on Idlenook, the third book in the Adirondack Saga.

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